Bare metal server sponsor

We’re currently running a Softlayer server using a free $500 coupon for the first month which is expiring 17th Jan 2015. Therefore, we’ll like to look for sponsors who can help us cover the cost of the bare metal server.

Currently, we’re looking at a bare metal server with the following configuration:

  • Xeon 1270
  • 200GB ssd
  • 3.5ghz cpu
  • 4 gb ram

This will cost about USD$290 giving us decent clock speed and SSD.

Full list of Bare Metal Server by Softlayer:

P.S We’ll not fixed on using Softlayer as the provider and is open to other options.

Found another provider with decent specs but cheaper price

Another possible option.

60 Dollars a Month with SSD

Hey there! We at have followed this project for a while and are glad to see it finally running. If you still need it, I’d like to sponsor the bare metal server. I use which has some pretty good deals.



@jsierles Thank you!!! :heart: :heart:

I had a brief look at but I’m not sure which server would be suitable. @sam What do you think?

Their cheapest server has 16GB RAM but no ECC, and Intel Core i7.

The next level up has the Xeon you’re looking for:

Prices are in euros.

Of course if any of the cheaper options you mentioned work, then all the better :smile:


I just realized that your options are way cheaper :smile: :smile: :+1:

If its ok with you, I think will be sufficient :slight_smile:

OK, what’s the next step?

If you happen to need an additional server, Honeybadger would be happy to provide one from Hivelocity.

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@stympy Thank you :smile: We’ve current got a server set up by RubyTune: So I’m afraid we can’t use hivelocity unless we can be sure that the specs are the same.

Thank you all! We’ve current got a server up and running provided by @jsierles from A second one will be provided by CarbonFive once we are able to split the jobs up into different servers.

Once again thank you everyone for offering your help and I really appreciate it. We’ll still need more help with the logo and with the design of the site. :smile: