Switching Dedicated Servers

For some reason, I’m unable to connect to our server through SSH. The previous root password also stopped working and even after a fresh install and adding the pub keys. We’re still unable to SSH to the server.

Support wasn’t willing to help either :frowning:

Dear client,

we’re afraid, but we don’t provide any software-support for our rootserver-customers. Maybe you have a look at our forum ( http://forum.hetzner.de/ ) or use a search engine.

Also in our wiki you can find helpful information: http://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Hauptseite/en

Thank you for your understanding.

With the server going offline randomly every now and then, I think we should look for another provider that provides better service. We’ll have to rerun the benchmarks but we can avoid running all of them since most of the regressions have already been resolved.

Hmm ok it seems like it was a problem with the actual server hardware. We’ve managed to reboot it for now.

Our server has been working very well ever since the engineers discovered and rectified a problem with the hardware.