Docker repository?

So… I’m having trouble building the Docker files right now - can’t find a compatible version of wget. Fair enough, happens.

Is there a Docker repository that the images normally get pushed to, where I could pull a working copy? Or is that not a thing Ruby Bench normally does?

Ah, wait. This looks like there are rubybench/ruby_trunk, rubybench/ruby, etc. Okay. So I’m not understanding how to interact with some of the Docker stuff, but it looks like it exists. Never mind, thanks! :slight_smile:


Yeah, instead of building images on your own you can find them and pull from docker hub repository.

Just to mention that latest Dockerfile versions for rails_master, sequel_master and pg_master are not pushed to docker hub since I plan to build them when deploying ruby-bench-docker repo on bare metal server.

Though I believe you are mostly interested in Docker image for Ruby suite which is regularly pushed to docker hub and you should be able to pull it from there. :slight_smile:

Yeah… I’m pretty clearly just going to need to learn more about Docker. When I try to pull (instead of build) and then run the container it fails because a container with a different name I’ve never mentioned already exists (and it doesn’t.) Yeah. I’ve been getting through without knowing much of the mechanics of Docker, and I’m hitting that limit now :slight_smile:

already exists (and it doesn’t.)

Maybe it’s there but stopped. Try with : docker ps -a

Good luck :smiley:

I think some of the instructions in the README may be out of date. Now I’m going by the scripts in various directories and figuring out what some of the env vars do.

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