Discourse Releases benchmarks bumped to Discourse stable 1.2.4


I just fixed Discourse benchmarks and we’re now benchmarking against Discourse stable 1.2.4.

Currently, only releases benchmarks have been updated. I’ve also removed Discourse’s per-commit benchmarks as they are outdated.

@sam I’m thinking of only running nightly bench for Discourse instead of on a per commit basis. Each Discourse benchmark takes too long to run partly due to bundle install. WDYT?


Nightly is fine, no problems there.


Hey, folks. Was just noticing that the Discourse version and accompanying Ruby version were locked at 2015. Any plans to bump the Discourse or Ruby version for the benchmark?


Yup it has been on my list for awhile to bump the benchmark and make it working again. We’ll likely do so soon once we get Discourse upgraded to Rails 5.


the big thing that is blocking us is sprockets, recently I have been eliminating sprockets from our CSS pipeline which should make it quite a bit easier to upgrade to latest sprockets.

Without an upgrade to sprockets 4 we are stuck on Ruby 2.3 cause of a cascade of dependencies. Recently when Sean Griffin looked at a sprockets upgrade it seemed to add a fair amount of memory to the precompile step, which was unacceptable for all the self hosters that are already riding on the edge of out-of-memory.


That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve been working on a Discourse-based Rails benchmark, and of course the Ruby 2.4 thing is being a bit of a hangup :slight_smile:


BTW… sprockets is no longer blocking us, now that I ripped out all of the stylesheet precompilation and started doing it myself.

We are running 2.4 in production on some systems now!