More over-select benchmarks in suite

  • More over-select benchmarks have been added in suite. So we can measure what is the cost of over selecting.

  • All setup (creating tables and inserting data) is moved to separate setup scripts which are shared across benchmarks.

  • I’ve triggered backfill for Sequel, after which I will trigger for Rails.

  • We only have two raw benchmarks rewritten so far – I am looking forward to rewrite other.


Is something up with this bench

RubyBench - Long Running Ruby Benchmark ?

How can AR be faster?


Hm, raw is 2x faster for me locally. I will take some time to inspect this issue.


The cache was outdated. It is fixed now :slight_smile:

Have a look now : RubyBench - Long Running Ruby Benchmark

raw : 45 ips
AR : 30 ips