Timeline for GSoC - Improving RubyBench.org

Three major milestones:

  1. JRuby Implementation
  2. Continuous Benchmarking System
  3. Messaging/Notification System

I want to spend about a month on each milestone. So June for the JRuby implementation, July for the continuous benchmarking system and August for the messaging system.

What do you guys think? I’m open to any suggestions. If there’s something that should be changed or if there needs to be more detail I can add it. I know @system mentioned something about a continuous benchmarking system possible after each commit. Did you already start working on it?

Hi @klgilbert, looks good to me. I think the continuous benchmarking system that you’re referring to has already been implemented so that would probably be out. Otherwise, I think the rest looks good :slight_smile: I’ll prefer to prioritize the Messaging/Notification system over JRuby though. Currently, there is no easy way to identify a regression other than to manually click through all of the benchmark types.

Ok. I think that makes sense. I’ll work on the messaging and notifications system first then I’ll get to JRuby after I’m done.

Sure, but lets start with a top level plan, the more details the better, can you draft up a topic with what you plan to do on the messaging system, how it will work? what pieces it will touch? and so on.

Yeah, I’ll draft up a topic with my plans. Working on it now…

Shall we do an initial introduction/meetup soon? :smile:

Yeah. Definitely! What did you have in mind?