Click to commit feature


@tgxworld instead of taking you straight to the commit, clicking should show a window with surrounding commits, since we are not testing every build its very likely this will not take you to the right place. Instead on click:

2bcdd3 Some commit message - 34 seconds -> github
ab4dd3 Some commit message - untested
abc123 Some commit message (*) 22 seconds -> github
7bcdd3 Some commit message - untested
5bcdd3 Some commit message 10 seconds -> github

It will make it much easier to find the right commit.


:+1: Will work on this soon.


Initial Pull request up :smile: Display range of commits that are untested when clicking on a point. by tgxworld · Pull Request #26 · ruby-bench/ruby-bench-web · GitHub

closed #4

Implemented some time back.