A better front page


https://rubybench.org/ is displaying app_aobench as the front page, it seems a bit odd of a choice.

Can we add a “no benchmark selected” option which tells a bit about the project.

It is also unclear that there are 2 modes (per commit vs release) this needs to be clarified on the "no bench selected mode.


@sam Can you see if the updated version is fine?


Looks good, but we don’t need history there,

RubyBench was born after Sam Saffron’s call for a long running Ruby benchmark.

RubyBench is a long running Ruby benchmark.

Also home page should spell out where the repos for contributing are and where the discussion area is.


Also, don’t link to http://goperfd.appspot.com/ … we should only link to ruby related things on our front page.

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