Can we get Rails 3.X stable backfilled


@tgxworld noticed we are missing Rails 3.X stable benches, can we get them backfilled?


I’d also like to contribute a benchmark. I went here but couldn’t find the benchmark for object allocation on record save.


Will this work? :smile:

@sam I removed Rails 3 benchmarks sometime back because for many of the benchmarks we had to account for the API changes from 3 to 4. And that was painful to deal with. Are Rails 3 benchmarks still useful?


@tgxworld ya, that’s the one. Thank you!


Yeah, I follow, maybe allow bench script to flag that they are compatible with rails 3 and skip incompatible ones. I do want to highlight some of the big perf regressions in Rails 4


@tenderlove Do you want a benchmark on save that adds more columns?


Which are the benchmarks that you’re interested to have it backfilled for Rails 3?


@tgxworld Ya, I’d like to add a benchmark that has more columns and fills them in with strings. It would be cool if we could get the allocations (in memory size, not number) for an AR object.


Ok I’ll add that in and start backfilling tomorrow.


Done backfilling :smile:

I’ll add this to my list but it won’t be available soon since we’ll have to backfill all the benchmark for this.