GSOC 2017 - Long Running Ruby and Rails Benchmarks


Hi @bmarkons, sorry I’m late to the party. Let me know if you need me to run anything on the servers. Currently we have 2, 1 bare metal server sponsored by Ruby Together which runs the benchmarks and another DO droplet that hosts ruby-bench-web


Hi @tgxworld :clap: sure, thanks! :slight_smile: So I could run benchmarks directly on server, or you would run it for me - because of the access?


@tgxworld will sort out access for you, you can not be blocked on this.


Maybe a good idea to also check against the pg or mysql2 gem raw query. That’s about as raw as you’re going to get in Ruby.


Hey @tgxworld,

I guess you should provide me with access on rubybench production and hetzner servers where benchmarks are being run :smile:

I see sequel benchmarks have been added last year but I am not sure why can’t be seen on UI? I am starting to work toward this:

So firstly I will be working on displaying sequal results for postgres_scope_all bench on that graph, before I start backfilling pg benchmarks.


Hi everyone,

I have submitted final report on work during this summer.

Big thanks to every one of you!



Congratulations Marko ! :tada: You’ve done a great work during this summer, thank you very much !


Great work @bmarkons. I’m really thankful for all the things which you’ve done for this project :slight_smile: